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Adult Protective Services (APS) 

Each county has an APS agency to help older adults (65 years and older) and dependent adults (18-64 who are disabled) when these adults are unable to meet their own needs or are victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation. These services are available to any elder or dependent adult regardless of income.

APS reports of abuse that occur in a nursing home, a board and care home, a residential facility for the elderly, or at a long term care facility are the responsibility of the Ombudsman's office, which is administered by the California Department of Aging.

County APS staff evaluates abuse cases and arranges for services such as advocacy, counseling, money management, out-of-home placement, or conservatorship.

Above & Beyond Referral Services, Inc
Above & Beyond Referral Services, Inc

Abuse Help Lines

24-hour Abuse Line in Orange County: 1 (800) 451-5155
24-hour Abuse Line in Los Angeles County: 1 (877) 477-3646
24-hour Abuse Line in Riverside County: 1 (800) 491-7123
24-hour Abuse Line in San Diego County: 1 (800) 339-4661
24-hour Abuse Line in Ventura County: 1 (805) 654-3200

Alzheimer's Association 

Their mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease by helping advocate, help through research, 24/7 helplines, support groups, online message boards, clinical trials, education programs, fundraising for a cure, and much more.

24-hour hot line: 1 (800)
In Orange County –
In Los Angeles County –
In San Diego County/Imperial –


Medicare is our country's health insurance program for people age 65 or older. Certain people younger than age 65 can qualify for Medicare, too, including those who have disabilities and those who have permanent kidney failure.

The program helps with the cost of health care, but it does not cover all medical expenses or the cost of most long-term care.


Is California's Medicaid program. This is a public health insurance program that provides needed health care services for low-income individuals, including families with children, seniors, persons with disabilities, foster care, pregnant women, and low-income people with specific diseases such as tuberculosis, breast cancer or HIV/AIDS.

Medi-Cal is financed equally by the state and the federal government.

Office on Aging Orange County 

Provides older adult services, including information and assistance on programs and services available for older adults and their caregivers. Every county has an Office on Aging; here is the local Orange County link. Office on Aging

Toll-free number: (800) 510-2020
Local number: (714)-480-6450

[email protected]

Above & Beyond Referral Services, Inc
Above & Beyond Referral Services, Inc

Prescription Drug Assistance Programs 

Information on public and private programs that offer discounted or free medication, as well as Medicare health plans that also include prescription coverage.

The Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program 

(DDTP) is a public program mandated by the California State Legislature and administered by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The mission of the program is to provide access to basic telephone service for Californians who have difficulty using the telephone.

Social Security Administration 

Official website of Social Security Administration.

Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance 

Contact Cathy for additional resources.
2012 Maximum Pension Rates for VA Base Pension Plus Aid and Attendance Supplement if he or she qualifies:

  • Above & Beyond Referral Services, Inc

    Single Veteran – $1,911.00 Per Month or $22,932.00 Per Year

  • Above & Beyond Referral Services, Inc

    Married Veteran with care needs – $2,266.00 Per Month or $27,192.00 Per Year

  • Above & Beyond Referral Services, Inc

    Surviving Spouse – $1,228.00 Per Month or $14,736.00 Per Year

    (spouse cannot have been divorced from the veteran)

  • Above & Beyond Referral Services, Inc

    Married Veteran Spouse need care – $1,500.00 Per Month or $18,000.00 Per Year

Above & Beyond Referral Services, Inc